rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated

Due to a serious personal crisis, I have had neither the time, energy or inclination to blog, or comment on other blogs and forums. Writing this is a struggle in itself, but I thought you deserved a reason for my absence.

I apologise to my loyal readers and anyone who comments here, especially any comments since Friday 27 June. I have not been avoiding you, I just don’t have the emotional fortitude to hold an in-depth rational argument with anyone at the moment. I also don’t feel up to critiquing current religious and political events, which is one of the reasons why there has been no new posts recently and may not be for a while. I do intend to return, so keep any eye out on my RSS feed, or for comments from me on other blogs.

To all the people whose blogs I frequently, and sometimes infrequently, comment at (see Blog Roll in side bar) and to various other sites and forums I comment at (Sean’s AFA forum in particular) I’ll be back. Till then, keep blogging and don’t think I’ve forgotten you.

Finally, please feel free to continue responding to any past post, or even this one, though I may not read your comments for a while (Note: I have, and will continue to, moderate comments as required but there may be a longer delay than usual).

You may also use this post as an open forum to discuss any topic you wish.

Cheers all




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23 responses to “rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated

  1. Rev. Reed Braden

    Writing this is a struggle in itself,

    Because he’s dead! Don’t believe him for a moment! He’s dead!

  2. half rabbit

    I’m sad to here your having problems, and I hope you feel better soon.

    I’m also glad that my theory that you had converted to Catholicism, sold you house and moved to Rome to become the popes official foot stool have been proved incorrect. (much more interesting that you dying)

    P.S. Ignore if personal, but can you give any hints of the problem?

  3. Au revoir, and may this pass soon.

  4. AV

    Hope to hear from you soon, Oz.

  5. I hope your problems resolve themselves soon.


  6. Life can really kick you in the nads sometimes. It just sucks cock. I totally understand what it is to lose the will to blog. You just run out of Give A Shit. Best of luck OzA. We’ll see you again on the other side. ~Fiery

  7. peakoil fundie

    Oz: take care, take your time, our thoughts are with you. Let us hope it all sorts itself out soon. M.King Hubbert is God.

  8. wow….I go away for a while and kick back in to read this…I hope you come back soon…

  9. I hope all is well. Looking forward to your return. BTW I finally read “Blasphemy” by Douglas Preston. Thanks for the great suggestion.

  10. Best wishes mate ,whatever the problem.

  11. Cricket Tragic

    Hope you’re back blogging soon Oz, all these people are missing you.

  12. T&A

    Best wishes! I’ve decided to do the same thing. My heart just isn’t in it anymore.

  13. Hang in there! Too much blogging can turn you blind (oh wait, no that’s something else…) Yes, I know – life sucks sometimes just remember there’s a whole community out there that thinks you do a great job. When you are ready to resume you will, everyone needs a break to ‘recharge’ their spirits (no, not that kind of spirits LOL). Take care.

  14. Will be waiting for you, mate.

  15. John A. Davison

    Any human being who is so weak minded as to deny the past existence of one or more supernatural forces beyond our comprehension should be treated with the utmost contempt. This I am delighted to do. Please visit my weblog –

    or verification.

  16. John, an interesting introduction to my blog, especially on this post which discussed a very upsetting personal crisis.

    I will reply to your comment in a new post in the next few days, could others also wait to respond to John till then.

  17. John A. Davison

    Come and speak at my blog –

  18. AV

    Come and speak at my blog

    But be sure to do some prior reading 😉

  19. AV

    John, an interesting introduction to my blog, especially on this post which discussed a very upsetting personal crisis.

    The hallmark of a spammer.

  20. sexorcista

    Is the man “fishing for jesus” in the usual self centred way..or what? (hallmark of a ‘true xian’)

    yeah..blogging, posting and all that jazz gets to be a hassle after awhile.
    Do some people make it a LIFE or DEATH situation??

    Have@good time out OzA!

  21. John A. Davison

    Silence is golden

  22. Ellen says: WE HAVE NO RIGHT TO IMPOSE THOSE PERCEPTIONS ON OTHERS. We have the right to practice our religious beliefs, NOT impose those beliefs on others, no matter how right we think we or those beliefs are.

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