There’s a sucker born every minute

A christian ripping off other christians, who’d have thought?

See the video:
(Note: the link will make you watch a short advertisement first)

Church Conman
Church Conman

Typical Current Affairs, but I liked the bit where they showed who he learnt his dirty tricks from. Apparently, he’d go to one church (Anglican churches apparently) and rip off as many mugs as possible then go to another church and rip off some more .

Oh, and he’s not a proper accountant.



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5 responses to “There’s a sucker born every minute

  1. half rabbit

    I get a video not available when I try and watch it unfortunately.

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  3. hmmm, it’s not working for me anymore either?
    you could try just going to the main page and then searching for it.
    I’ll try and find a new link this evening.

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