Expelled from Expelled

PZ Myers, writer of the Pharyngula blog, was literally expelled from a screening of the creationist propaganda movie, Expelled. That in itself is fairly funny, but the real laugh is that they allowed his wife, daughter and guest in. His guest:

Richard Dawkins

Whole heartedly agree with what Greta Christina (NSFW) said:

The creationist movement: stifling debate, and doing it incompetently.

The full story from PZ is here, looking forward to the follow up from PZ and Richard.

Kristine from Amused Muse was at the screening and has a few things to add, including a photo.


PZ Myers’ latest blog explains things a bit more.

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2 responses to “Expelled from Expelled

  1. Well the blogoshere is ‘going off ‘with comments about PZ Myers being expelled from Expelled, I just thought I’d highlight the link to Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers calmly discussing the whole debacle.
    It’s well worth watching.

  2. Matt at Matt’s Notepad has two very good articles, including a response to evolutionnews’ faleshoods and an article which includes some background on the people “supposedly” discriminated against because of their ID stance.

    The thing is, with all this controversy I’d be interested in seeing this movie so I could comment against it appropriately, however I’m against putting any money into the coffers of the people who made this movie, or making them think it’s a success because lots of people saw it.

    For now I’ll just point you to articles of interest.

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