Have no Mercy – Stop Drinking Gloria Jean’s Coffee

I’ve known for a while that Gloria Jean’s coffee franchises were linked to Hillsong Church, and that was enough for me to stop buying their coffee (not to mention it was massed produced, often weak and poorly made, with no service and usually served in a paper cup). Thanks to the AFA and SPA forums and Sean’s blog, I have now found out that they also support the Mercy Ministries.

The Mercy Ministries sounds all very nice – helping women with various emotional problems – unfortunately most of that help seems to be getting them to pray and trying to exorcise Satan from them.

There are plenty of us discussing this dilemma and I think Sean’s two articles, mercy mercy and here cometh the pain and their associated links will provide you with all the information you need.

All I ask is for you read the various articles in the Age and SMH and then, if like me you see a problem, boycott Gloria Jean’s and ask friends and relatives to do like wise.

Both Gloria Jean’s and Mercy Ministries have posted rebuttals to today’s revelations. Interestingly Gloria Jean’s states

We have no relationship with the Hillsong Church.

however type gloria jean’s (or jeans) hillsong into google and you’ll get thousands of hits including many that state the Australian founders are Hillsong members. And the fact the Mercy Ministries is directly associated with Hillsong, to me, if you are supporting Mercy you are at least condoning Hillsong?

More to follow:


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4 responses to “Have no Mercy – Stop Drinking Gloria Jean’s Coffee

  1. They may not have financial or legal ties, but then in my experience in big business it is who you know that greases the wheels.

  2. In my awaiting moderation queue is the following from someone who calls themselves angryxtian:
    “Why do you want to kill Jesus?”

    I suspect this is spam, so have left it in the queue for now. angryxtian, if you honestly want to engage in discussion please reply.

    To answer the question anyway, I don’t, because:

    a. There’s no such person/being as Jesus
    b. If you believe what the bible says, then someone has already tried and failed
    c. Even IF Jesus was real I don’t want to kill him, anyone related or acquainted with him, or anyone else, I’m not a murderer.

    However, I certainly want to reduce the impact on mine and many others daily lives by people who act in his name.

  3. Mike

    hmm I seemed to miss your point… the owner of a coffee shop goes to church?

    Yes, all satan worshippers should boycott them.

    • Yes you did miss my point; you are also very late to the discussion and probably didn’t read all the Mercy Ministries posts by Sean.

      The owner (though not any more?) did more than just “go to church” he encouraged people to donate to Mercy at his Gloria Jean’s franchises and probably directed profits to them and most likely Hillsong. His prerogative to give his profits to whoever he chooses, but I don’t want my money going towards them, and I suspected neither do a lot of other people who disagree with Hillsong and/or Mercy Ministries. Mercy Ministries had a lot of problems as Sean’s blog pointed out.

      As for the “all satan worshippers should boycott them” I’ll assume you are just being facetious.

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