Census 2011 – Religious Affiliation

As discussed the other day, on my Christianity – a declining population blog, the last census showed 18% to 30% of the Australian population were non-religious. I discussed how there were problems with the wording of the current census question which could result in a higher percentage of religious people than there actually are.

Today I submitted my suggestions to the ABS for changes to the Religious Affiliation question in the upcoming Census 2011, including some reasons why. A copy of my submission is available here, feel free to copy any of it if you also want to send a submission to the ABS (try not to use my exact wording). You have until 31 March 2008 to send submissions. I encourage you all to get involved, your answers don’t have to be as wordy as mine.  🙂



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3 responses to “Census 2011 – Religious Affiliation

  1. AV

    It’s such a tricky issue, this, because it would help matters if the census could provide a definition of “religion” or “religious”–but is there a definition that would satisfy everybody?

    Full marks for giving it a go, though!

  2. is there a definition that would satisfy everybody?

    I’ve had people say they would rather answer “I’m spiritual” rather than “I’m religious” because they believe in a god but none of the religious paraphernalia.

    What’s that old saying ‘… can’t please all the people…’

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