Fortune Cookie of the day

Day 10 Fortune is an oldie but a goodie:

Knowledge is that which is acquired by learning.
Wisdom is knowing what to do with it.

Day 10 and the cookies are getting a bit stale, so I’ve opened and eaten the last one left. So, Day 11 (tomorrows) fortune is:

It is a poor workman who blames his tools.

Now that is a bit prophetic! As I was saying on Sean’s blog the other day, I’ve got a little DIY project coming up. Tomorrow I get my nice new TV delivered and plan to mount it on the wall – easier said than done.

OK folks back to some real comments…….

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7 responses to “Fortune Cookie of the day

  1. Heres a story about the history of fortune cookies….not what you think 😀

  2. So thumpthump, you are saying that the story on the back of the box, as I quoted on the original post was wrong? shock, gasp 😯 😆

  3. nah…just thought it was interesting….I havent seen them around so didnt know what was on the box…but always related them to chinese……who knew ;^D

  4. whooooops…just went back to your original post..*blush*…didnt read it all, just the first little bit duh…sorry….feeling foolish :-F

  5. Oz,

    Good luck with the TV and remember. The number of a good handyman in case things go wrong and the ambulance service if there is a disaster.

  6. Omg you can never have too many phone numbers for good repairmen/handy men

  7. Fortune cookies are just a fake myth.

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