Fortune Cookie of the day

Day 9  Fortune:

This is a great day to handle those real estate matters.

Well as far as I know, I don’t have any real estate matters to contend with.



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2 responses to “Fortune Cookie of the day

  1. Oz-

    Maybe you got my fortune!

    Could it be that today is the day?!?!


  2. WM – hopefully it is.

    Funnily enough, one of the guys at work has been looking to buy for about four months, and has been asking me, amongst others, for advice. He found a house he liked about a week ago and had made offers on it. Yesterday morning he told me the vendor had come back wanting slightly more than the last offer he’d made. I said there probably wasn’t much point making another offer, as the two prices were now so close, and he just had to decide if he was prepared to pay their price.

    Obviously he decided, as today he told me he put a deposit on the house on his way home yesterday.

    So perhaps that was my fortune coming true? spooky 😕

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