Which country/regime fits these 14 characteristics of fascism?

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5 responses to “Fascists

  1. Excellent post. Beg, borrow or steal Naomi Klein’s fine new book “The Shock Doctrine.” She covers these themes beautifully. Here’s my review:


  2. Cricket tragic

    I don’t profess to be an expert on all things American, but would wager that at least ten or so of those characteristics would apply. What are other people’s thoughts; do they get fourteen out of fourteen?

  3. kip

    AV, yes, it was a pretty decent book.
    Cricket, I’d say 14 out of 14!

  4. Thanks Dave & AV for the book recommendations. I’ve still got 7 1/2 books to read, but may look at those in the near future.
    I’d just installed stumbleupon, and that was the 2nd page it found; like kip I reckon USA could score 14 out of 14.

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