Review of Rational Response Squad

After creating a bit of a storm after asking what we thought of the RRS, VJack has finally posted his review of the RRS. I have previously made my views clear, both here and on other’s blogs, but would like to add that I agree with his main points being:

  • Overall, RRS does more good than harm
  • There are some things others can learn from them
  • RRS need to collaborate more with the rest of the atheist community
  • The RRS website needs a makeover

On the last point, it may seem a trivial thing to be criticizing their website, but ever since going to the RRS site I have found it somewhat confusing. It doesn’t help your cause if a site is difficult to navigate and people can’t easily find what they are seeking.

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One response to “Review of Rational Response Squad

  1. Thanks for the mention. It was interesting how a simply post asking my readers what they thought of the RRS created so much havoc, wasn’t it? I’m still having to clear inappropriate comments from that thread!

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