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FSM 2 v ID 0

from The Frame Problem via Daily Kos

Remember in 2005 when advocates for the Flying Spaghetti Monster played a major role in having Intelligent Design removed from Kansas public school science classes?

Well this time they’ve managed to stop it happening at the Polk County School in Tampa, Florida.

I congratulate Bobby and his fellow Pastafarians


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more atheist letters

Todays Sydney Morning Herald newspaper had seven (7) letters to the editor under the banner: In the beginning, there was a set of universal values. All basically saying that we don’t need a god to give us a moral authority. These were in response to a letter yesterday under the banner: We cannot have Christian values without God’s laws and mercy. Which in turn was a response to a letter the day before titled: Beware of confusing religious values and beliefs.

One of the underlying themes in the letters today is the theory that if you take away god then there is nothing stopping you killing, stealing, cheating, etc. Which is just so ludicrous it’s ridiculous. Religious people just don’t think it through, here are some points all religious people should consider before they try and say that ‘without god there are no morals’:

  1. Which God – there are many religions on this planet and they all have their morals; so which one is right?
  2. Other Societies – there are billions of people on this planet who don’t believe in your particular god, many don’t even believe in a god, they aren’t all killing each other.
  3. If your God no longer existed – think what would happen if your god didn’t exist, would you suddenly start killing, stealing, etc; I’d like to think not.

There are also a few more points on my FAQ 1 page.

As I said the other day, there are quite a few letters to the editor lately which are quite critical of religion and Christianity, and I am very heartened by this.


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