no post today

I wasted spent way too much time and brain power writing a response to a comment on my Shooting in Colorado post.

If you feel like something to read Thinker’s cult of atheism post looks interesting.



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2 responses to “no post today

  1. I hope you don’t feel like having an educating and educated discussion is really a waste of time!

  2. wineymomma,

    No, 🙂 which is why I struck ‘wasted’ out.

    I had felt like it was a waste of time because I thought I’d made my point clear the first time. On reflection the effort taken to write my response was worth it, as I think it helps my critical thinking processes. It also helps me consider both sides of the argument (for instance, I hadn’t considered the regulatory aspects of having security guards until you pointed it out – something I knew about, but had overlooked).


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