East West 101 ep2

Not much to say about last night’s episode, it was just good gripping police drama.

Still some of the racist overtones. This is done in a good way; in that a character will be racist, or use racial stereotypes, but that character will be corrected and/or made to look stupid or outdated. They are getting some good messages across in this show in a somewhat subtle and non-preaching manner.

Ray is really starting to ‘fall of the rails’; I’ll be interested to see where this character goes.

Next weeks episode looks like a good one, going from the shorts/previews last night.

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One response to “East West 101 ep2

  1. http://www.eastwest101.com
    Beats all the American shows on the other channels! As a criminal investigation program I love it’s abiguity, its contradiction, its polarising, its mirroring.
    I look foward to the finale.

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