Americans will believe anything

Is America sliding further towards the Dark Ages?

From the latest Harris Poll on ‘The Religious and Other Beliefs of Americans’, comes this conclusion:

the overall trend is upwards with slightly more people believing in miracles, angels and witches than did so two years ago.

and they’re smart too, even though 53% believe that the Old Testament is the ‘Word of God’:

only 23%  of all adults believe that the Torah is the ‘Word of God’, even though it is the same as the first five books of the Old Testament

Interestingly Catholics are more enlightened than Protestants and, not surprisingly, ‘Born Again Christians’.

How do we get 11% of Agnostics/Atheists saying they are very/somewhat religious?

Some interesting Stats, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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One response to “Americans will believe anything

  1. Americans will believe anything for which there is no evidence, whereas they obstinately refuse to believe those things for which there is evidence.

    The root of this ignorant credulity is, I think, American insistence on Feeling Right. In order to protect their God Given Hubris, Americans tend to despise all intellectual authority while deifying personalities who appeal to their desire for the illusion of superiority.

    They are headed for a come-uppance.

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