Johnny Howard’s Smoking Ceremony

Anyone who has even a mild interest in politics and indigenous affairs, are probably aware that John Howard (ex Australian PM, remember him?) was not very high on most indigenous people’s list of popular people.

A small but enthusiastic crowd held a smoking ceremony to observe John Howard’s “political funeral”. Attached are some photos, with commentary, from the event. John Howard’s Smoking Ceremony

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4 responses to “Johnny Howard’s Smoking Ceremony

  1. AV

    Now this is magical thinking I can respect!

  2. Rod Blaine

    And of course, as a self-proclaimed atheist, you’re right there to empirically refute these sort of unfounded superstitions? Or is this one okay because (a) at least it’s not Christian and/or (b) it’s anti-Howard and/or (c) hey, they’re brown people, they’re not as scientificallty advanced as Enlightened whitefellas… they really need this superstition stuff to help them get by?

  3. AV

    Care to provide any evidence in support of those strawmen-arguments-disguised-as-questions, Rod?

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