Christian Good Works?

Do Christians do good works because they are scared of the consequences of the afterlife, or because of their love of God, a combination of both, or something else?

Perhaps they do good works because they have a love of humanity, and thus should become Humanists rather than bogging themselves down with all that religious baggage.

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3 responses to “Christian Good Works?

  1. lpkalal

    My parents were an agnostic and a nominal Christian. The former thought Christinaity anti-intellectua and did good works to serve humanity. The latter did the right things because it was the right thing. I became a Christian when I heard the gospel message (and shockingly made sense), but also because something inexplicable happened to me: I felt the presence of God in my life. As for me, the reason I do good works is that I want to know Jesus better. I want to live life as He lived. By the way, if a Christian does good works out of fear of the consequences, he/she may not be a Christian. The whole point of Christianity is that Christians can’t do works — good or bad — to affect the afterlife. Jesus’ life and death on behalf of sinners gives Christians a perfect record of behavior and takes away the punishment. So, the only remaining motive for obedience is first love of God, and by extension, love of His creatures.

  2. All of the above mate.

    It is interesting though the amount of see sawing that goes on between the ideas of doing good works (which I think flows from protestantism) and the idea of being saved as the only way into heaven.

    I prefer the former, it as a healthier form of existing in the world. The later sounds too much like “join our club and we don’t care what you have done before or what you do after”, It is no wonder that the mega churches use the second approach when they promote a revolving door christianity.

    As for the Gospels, I would encourage all Christians to have a look at Scholarship on their early wrtining, transmition and copying starting with “Misquoting Jesus”.

  3. Saved Sinner

    to find the answer to this question,maybe we need to look in the right place?



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