Blog works in mysterious ways

Yesterday I posted about the new site listing the ‘hottest’ blogs. I got a question from Australian Atheist:

What about the Pope saying that atheism has been the cause of great pain and suffering?

I guess that was a hint for a topic to write about? 😕
I had thought about writing about the Pope’s encyclical but every time I tried I’d get this funny tick and a feeling of wanting to yell at someone in a white dress.

A followup commenter has beat me to it, and a fine job she’s done. What I didn’t get was how Kelly found that comment in the first place? Going from the picture on her blog, perhaps Kelly thought from the title I was talking about her?  🙂

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One response to “Blog works in mysterious ways

  1. No, I don’t regularly search “hottest atheist”, although I will take that as a compliment. 🙂 It was a strange journey through the interwebs from that somehow led me to your site. Or maybe I tag searched wordpress. I dunno. But it wasn’t that. *lol*

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