Hottest Atheist Blogs

Just discovered a site that lists the hottest atheist blogs, so they say:

At we are constantly monitoring the top blogs and blog posts on Atheism.
Currently, we are tracking over 210,247 blogs and in the last week alone we analyzed over 339,543 new stories..

Now all I’ve got to do is write some blogs…

Yes, I know I’ve been quiet lately, as someone once said:

If you don’t have anything intelligent to say, say nothing

not that I always stick to that mantra 🙂



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5 responses to “Hottest Atheist Blogs

  1. What about the Pope saying that atheism has been the cause of great pain and suffering?

  2. ‘God does exist’ and ‘God doesn’t exist’ are both life-negative obsessions and junks.
    I exist, you exist! Let us live our life fully. Life is here and now. celebrtate your LIFE!

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