Why would comedians be atheists?

At Tiny Frog the question is asked: “Are comedians more likely to be atheist/agnostic?”

I’ve also wondered, why would so many comedians be atheists?

I have no empirical evidence for any of this, but here’s a few possible reasons:

They are relatively smart

They are widely read

They question everything

They see the funny side of things

They are quick witted

I think the way they look at the world and poke fun at it, lends them to look at religion and poke fun at it.

Tiny Frog’s site lists a few comedians, here’s a few more: Ross Noble, Paul McDermott. Any more?

What other jobs (beside sciences) lend themselves to have a higher proportion of atheists?

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5 responses to “Why would comedians be atheists?

  1. dallenia

    personally i think most comedians are people who have tramas in their past. they cover their pain with jokes . which in most cases are not even funny. like sarah sliverman she not funny at all but she got a show on tv. i dont get that she has no teast in jokes. she feel she entertainng lol not!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by making fun of religion, brit kids. idont think so
    for the most they might feel that questioning everthing might be therapy.

  2. In the UK, besides Ross Noble, there’s Billy Connolly, Eddie Izzard, Griff Rhys-Jones and Ricky Gervais. (I suspect a whole pile of others are too, but these are definites)

    There are a number of American comedians, including George Carlin (he does some great bits on religion, including “There is no God”), Kathy Griffin (“Suck it, Jesus!”), Janeane Garofalo and Julia Sweeney (“Letting go of God”).

    I’ve seen Andrew Denton referred to as an atheist, and stuff that he’s done and said are certainly consistent with that, but I haven’t seen anything where he explicitly states it.

  3. Brady

    I’m an atheist comedian an iv noticed since i was young that alot of comedians were atheists and it’s b/c we think differently then alot of people. We do ALOT of thinkin and logically at that. And i personally have spent a very long time pondering on religion and its so obvious that it was created by humans to answer our wildest questions. But it might just be the weed.

    p.s. fuck that person who left the first response. You know nothing.

    (look around you)

  4. flookzoig

    hmm…. dallenia… rtfm! to have a sense of humor you must first be intelligent and perceptive, which you obviously are not as evidence by your unique grammar and spelling: “she feel she entertainng lol not!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    also hypocrisy is a great source of comedy, and religion is thoroughly fraught with it. so dallenia, take a smart pill, then you will understand what comedy is. god, i’d hate to spend 30 seconds in your presence.

  5. lynn

    I watch many of the comedians that are listed as atheists. While I find them entertaining and funny, albeit no more than those who believe in a deity. There is one thing I have noticed and that would be a slight slant toward a dark sarcastic personality. Usually a real disdain for people who don’t think like them. Everyone else is the idiot, and while that can make for a great comedic routine, I noticed it so much lately that it has become predictable. Janine Garafalo (spelling?) is a great example as someone that is just weirdly dark but I just don’t see the “funny” in her. I hate to say it but most are really hateful.
    I’m sure there are some atheist comedians that are not that dark but most that I have looked up are and most have the same type humor and very predictable. I guess if I had to say one that wasn’t quite so “depressing” would be Ricky Gervais. But even then I’ve noticed his sarcasm to be more to the gloomy side of things, but at least he can be funny. I loved loved loved him on the Golden Globes Awards. Now Sarah Silverman…..I don’t think she is funny at all, mostly just dark and leaves me feeling uncomfortable because she rarely smiles and looks deeply mad at something all the time. A true chip is on that poor girls shoulder, but I don’t even know if she is an atheist , so that is just my observation.

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