An Angry Atheist (and rightly so)

Greta Christina is angry, and rightly so.

There are lots of things that make atheists angry (for all the right reasons), Greta has covered many of them.  

Here’s a few more

I get angry when Christians are so condescending to atheists, especially when they say they are sorry for us. We don’t need your sympathy, were fine, life’s good, then life ends; get over it.

I get angry when religious groups spend so much time and money trying to influence government policies. (see The Brethren Express)

I get angry that religious groups get tax and other exemptions.

Feel free to send me more.

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3 responses to “An Angry Atheist (and rightly so)

  1. checkpointreality

    Why get angry?

    Atheist “believes” what is real, provable, and knowable. Beyond that, the Atheist seeks knowledge for the sake of knowing more.

    If the claims of theism cannot be proven true – than those who refrain from claiming theism are firmly rooted in truth. The real benefit of atheism is the lack of concern of other’s beliefs.

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  3. You can’t prove a negative. So if you can’t prove there IS a God, you certainly can’t “prove” there ISN’T either. So truth suddenly becomes subjective, which turns it right back around into opinion.

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