TV – Four Corners – ‘The Brethren Express’

‘The Brethren Express’ on Four Corners last night was a very interesting, enlightening, and somewhat scary, report. Full transcript and video available here.

For a group that claims to let god decide who runs the country, they sure spend a lot of money making sure it’s someone they want.

What they did in NZ was very underhanded. As if anyone believes their line ‘it was an individual member, not the church’. Well it may have been an individual member who did it, but it seems fairly obvious it was, if not organised by the church, at least sanctioned by it.

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2 responses to “TV – Four Corners – ‘The Brethren Express’

  1. Simmy

    Hi to a fellow aussie athiest! Just found your site via google.

    It shits me too that these people can get away with not voting because it’s against their religion yet if I do not like any of the candidates and refuse to vote for the person I dislike the least, I get a fine for refusing to be dishonest! Grrrrrr

    I don’t really like any of the candidates this year either, but I really want Johnny boy gone gone gone. Although I’m not sure Rudd would be much better either.

    Get this – a couple of days after the Rudd/Strip Club scandal a caller rang radio station 3AW’s “rumour file” and stated that he was on the same plane as Rudd who was apparently reading the bible on the plane like a good little repentant sinner, only according to this caller it was only the COVER of the bible wrapped around another book! *vomits* If this is the kind of pious dishonesty we’ll get from him I’m not sure if he’ll be any better than Howard, I can only hope that Gillard is more than a mouthpiece and will keep him honest to some degree.

    Anyway, I’ve enjoyed your posts so far and I’ll keep checking regularly. Cheers

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