just a quick one, or two

Haven’t had much time this weekend, had a cocktail party Saturday night, then spent Sunday recuperating and cleaning up.

Just had a quick look around the blogs and stumbled upon No More Hornets blog, where he got a teacher friend to ask their 4th grade kids “What Atheism Means to Me.” Their responses are both funny and disturbing.

Our Prime Minister announced we’ll be having an election on 24th November, let’s hope the Family First party don’t get elected this time!



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3 responses to “just a quick one, or two

  1. Just curious:
    Do you feel it would be appropirate to ask a fourth-grade class, “What Christianity Means To Me?”

  2. And you are right, those responses were very disturbing, for they show a deep problem within the Christian church. Very sad that this is what those parents are communicating that the Christian faith is about.

    I’m a little suspicious of the comments, though. Read a bit too much like one of those “send it to everyone you know” emails you get all the time.

  3. Yes, I feel it would be appropriate to also ask a fourth-grade class “What Christianity Means To Me?”. It would be interesting to see what any of the atheist kids would say.

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