What Christians think

or, why it’s so hard to be an atheist

Faithworks blog is at it again, asking some leading questions about atheism/atheists.

Here’s the five presumptions and my responses:

1. You do not see God because you do not see the world as it truly is. And you do not see yourselves as you really are–loved children of God

I don’t see god because there isn’t one, I see the world as it truly is – an amazing place. I don’t see myself as a loved child of Zeus either, because neither exists.

2. You can see the concept of God only in worldly terms. This is the god of rational construction. You angrily proclaim you could never submit to a god because no one is going to tell you what to do. You cannot consider the other side of the coin. That God is not just another man. If God exists and God is loving, pure and the Creator of us, then you would risk nothing in submission.

I don’t angrily proclaim anything, though it’s hard to stay calm when religious people proclaim some of the things they do. So perhaps some of my responses might seem angry.
I often submit to a higher authority who tells me what to do – she’s called my wife – so no problem there. I’ve seen both sides, after much consideration I realised one was just not valid. If god doesn’t exist, then I risk my intelligence in submitting to a non-existent entity.

3. You do not believe in God because you cannot imagine something bigger than yourself.

I don’t believe in god because I see no evidence to. I can imagine lots of things bigger then myself – the universe, brilliant scientists, you name it.

4. You cannot believe in God because it would be too costly. It would demand too much of you, and take away your perceived independence of thought and action. You would not want to be judged…by anyone.

You are partly correct here, I couldn’t believe in god because it would be too costly; too costly to my sense of reason, too costly to my sense of rationality. I get judged by people all the time, some rightly, some wrongly – I get over it … mostly.  🙂

5. Your only experience of God may have been in a church or via people governed by fear rather than love.

You’d be surprised! I’d probably put most of the religious people on this forum to shame when it came to “experiencing god”. However, I woke up.


Why are there all these myths and misconceptions about atheism?
Atheism is simply – not accepting theistic beliefs.
Stop reading so much into it.

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4 responses to “What Christians think

  1. Let me state straight and put it this way: both theists and atheists are the biggest thieves of the society and humanity. Why do you need a theism to harner and harvest your greed and agenda? There is no difference between the two: theists and atheists. Both are fighting and playing with the toys. Throw away all these theisms and start living and loving here and now. We don’t need a holy or unholy theism or sermons or desermons to do that. When you say that “that” doesn’t exit, you are saying that there something exists. When you say that “that” does exist, you are saying that something exists. You need not proclaim and bombard that our “breathing” exists. No certificate is required there. Only for false things we fight for either way. The Biggest Question and Truth is that You Exist. And that’s Life. Life is here and now. Life is never in our knowing or not knowing things. Life never waits for our arguments, either way. Life just flows and moves. Live and Love.

  2. Good work mate. I have read some of the responses on Faithworks. I find it iteresting that some people just regurgitate statements and seem to think that is adequately arguing their point.

  3. I don’t see anger as much as I see pride as an issue and that can be detrimental in any setting. I don’t know and I’m not asking what your experiences are/were but you are blinded in to believing you’re not a slave to anything, and that’s sad. I’m more free than I have ever been since coming to where I belong…back to God and studying His word…it’s personal yet we have a responsibility to share our faith. Some believe the Bible is full of contradictions because they have not taken time to reason through and understand. It’s not contradictory, you just have to know how to study and how to find the pieces that fit together… some would rather read what secular writers have to say. God Bless You.

  4. Odale,

    What I observe is wilful ingnorance and submission to a 2000 year old fairytale controlled by old men. I some how doubt that you have ingaged in an indepth study of the christian bible – but then maybe you have that ability to cut off reasoned thought to that area of your thinking that focuses on religion.

    The inconsistancies you find ,you will rationalize through mental contortions of olympic proportions.

    But that is your perogative. Good luck.

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