Pot calling Kettle

Here in Australia we have, much to my disgust, a political party called ‘Family First’, (read ‘Religion First’) which has one member in the Senate – Steve Fielding.

A recent article at news.com.au shows that the Family First party has had a 30% success rate in getting amendments approved. Compared to Labor’s 0.9 per cent, the Democrats’ 0.2 per cent and the Greens’ 1.02 per cent.

This is scary enough in itself, I’d be interested to know what those amendments were, but I’d not be surprised if they were religiously based.

What is scary is his current electoral appeal:

‘’It would be a disaster for Australia to have the Greens holding the balance of power,’’ he has said.
‘’The Greens have shown they like to frustrate governments, whether state or federal, Coalition or Labor.’’

So Steve Fielding is worried about the Green’s, even though they had such a small success rate compared to Family First?

So it would be a disaster to have a political party which stands for improving the environment having the balance of power!

What, as compared to a political party which pushes its own religious agenda having the balance?

Get back in your box Steve Fielding, the only disaster in our government is, not only having a religious based party in the first place, but having one that has so much influence.


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