Churches Struggle

From smh

THE number of Australians identifying themselves as Christian will plummet over the next 20 years as an ageing generation of dedicated churchgoers dies out

It seems there’s not enough children being indoctrinated into the church, and actual growth by conversion is very low.

Christian adherence was likely to settle at 50 per cent within 30 to 40 years

Come on fellow unbelievers, lets get this figure lower and sooner!



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2 responses to “Churches Struggle

  1. hughstan

    Why bother, if it is happening anyway? Or are you suggesting that the reduction in church attendance is because of what you do?

    Sounds illogical, but it may not be. Who knows how much influence you have on church attendance, except you.

  2. bohemianprose

    Heres a notion. I wonder if the church is to blame. I am a Christian – but what I see in the American churches worries me – I think many are promissing things that are not as true to the bible as it is to their own traditions. I feel many are falling away because they are disillusioned with falling hopes and broken promises. I know I have been. Do I feel that we need to lower the numbers? Well lets say this – I think there is a true and the bible is self supporting Simon greenleaf thought so at any rate (link here) there is something called the great aupostacy in the bible or falling away in revelation

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