Why Ridicule?

Why is it that Atheists seem to be ridiculed?

How can it be that NOT believing in something is somehow ‘wrong’?

Most people don’t believe in Thor the god of thunder, but I’ve never heard of anyone saying “you have no morals because you don’t believe in Thor”. No one tries to convince you that the only way to have a fulfilled life is to believe in Thor. So why should any other god be different?

There are a lot of myths about being an Atheist, Sam Harris counters 10 of them in one of his articles, one of the biggest ones IMHO is that there is something ‘wrong’ with us. Well, I’m perfectly happy in NOT believing in anything supernatural and I’d be even happier if ‘christians’ let me be that way without trying to convert me or convince me that I have to believe.

Who am I supposed to believe in anyway?  The god of the RCs, Baptists, Neo-Con Fundamentalists, Muslim, Jew, Mormon, Jehovah Witnesses? Theres so many different religions out there it would depend on who I was talking to as to which god they wanted me to believe in, which is one of the reasons I find it all so ridiculous. 


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