Noted Sites

There are so many sites on the Internet devoted to Atheism it can be quite staggering. I don’t know how some people manage to find them all, or have time to read even a small portion of them. There are sites such as Atheist Revolution which provide some useful tips, such as how to start up an atheist blog. There are sites such as Mojoey’s Deep Thoughts which try to collate all the atheist blogs into one giant blogroll (currently he has about 350 sites listed). Then there are blog aggregate sites such as Planet Atheism which display recent posts from many different atheist related blogs.

There are your science related sites which also have atheism related blogs, such as Pharyngula and Denialism.

Authors have their own sites, of course, notably Richard Dawkins,  Sam Harris and David Mills.

I have also found plenty of sites devoted to Evolution, which can help understand how it works and provide assistance when people try to convince you of creationism. Talk Origins is an excellent resource for the evolution/creation controversy, Understanding Evolution has some nice starter information and Teachers aids, PBS provide good unbiased data and my personal favourite from Rational Revolution provides all sorts of info.

Well I could go on here forever, but I’ll leave it at this for now. I’ll keep adding some of my favourites to my blogroll, but I’ll try and limit the number to a few dozen. No point in repeating lists such as Mojoey’s. 🙂


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