A Kick in the Nuts

Over at King Aardvark’s blogspot he has a good tale about his wife praying for protection.

I loved his analogy (and got a laugh from it) :

KA: (walking up to my friend Bill) “Hi Bill!”
Bill: “Hi King Aardvark!”
KA: “Say, you didn’t ask me not to kick you in the nuts today!”
Bill: “Uh, is that really required?”
KA: “Yup! Sure is!” (kicks Bill in the nuts really hard)
Bill: “AHHHH!!!” (slumps to the ground in agony)
KA: “Remember, you’re my buddy and I’ll always protect you from kicks in the nuts as long as you ask me nicely.”

So I have a sick sense of humour 😉 But I think this is a good way to point out the problem with the belief, some people have, that the only way they are protected by their god is if they ask him for it. Shouldn’t a god just protect the faithful anyway?

Which reminds me of a story from my childhood.

I didn’t say Please!

When I was very young I hit my older sister (she’d just hit me), she ran crying to Mum. Mum said “You asked for it”. Sister said “But, I didn’t say Please!”



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