Hello World

Welcome to my Blog.

I have started this Blog to announce my Atheism to the world and to help promote Atheism, Rationalism, Humanism and the Naturalistic Worldview to the greater Internet community.

I’ll be scouring the net for items of interest and posting snippets here. I’ll also be posting my thoughts on items I read or see in the media, as well as my general musings.

I don’t expect everyone will agree with me or even like some of the things I have to say. However, I hope at least someone gets something useful out of this. I also know that I probably won’t sway many (if any at all) religious people to denounce their god/gods and realise being a rationalist humanist atheist is a good thing, but at least I’ll have a go.

Please read the About page to see where I come from, and come back often to read my latest blogs.


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One response to “Hello World

  1. Tom

    Great idea!!
    ..And you can already be found on the Net! 😀

    Go ahead,

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